College of Business and Economics - Qassim University


About CBE

The vision of the College of Business and Economics at Qassim University is to work in effective academic research-based community in business administration environment and ensure local sustainable development. We are in The C.B.E. working to achieve our vision through providing effective education driven by K.S.A. market needs, create centered research and community services activities environment to achieve local knowledge-based community.

At C. B. E., students receive an exceptional business education that is highly relevant. The coursework at C.B.E. will integrate fundamental business skills with ethics and social responsibility. The programs offered by the College are responsive to changes in knowledge and business environment. The college was established in 1982 to provide high quality business education. The required number of credits of graduation is 129 in all FOUR departments of the college:

Business Administration
Economics and Finance
M. I. S. & P. M.

Approximately 2,000 students are enrolled in the College of Business and Economics' undergraduate and graduate programs. Last year, more than 150 students graduated from the College of Business and Economics' undergraduate and graduate programs. The C.B.E. is located at Qassim University on the middle of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest public state -sponsored university. The C.B.E. has nationally recognized in its translation in business text books in accounting, Business Administration, economics and finance, and management information systems.


( A leading business school in the region. )


The College of Business and Economics contributes to the society by developing graduates with latest business knowledge and skills, and encouraging the faculty to make significant intellectual contributions.



In the light of the commitment to adhere to Islamic values, faculty members, staff and students of the Faculty of C.B.E. committed to the following values and ethics:

ORIGINALITY: Take into account the cultural context, the Arab-Muslim in theoretical and applied aspects in the fields of economics and business administration.

JUSTICE: We envisage achieving the highest degree of fairness in all our practices.

TRANSPARENCY: We commit ourselves to the requirements of targeted publicity in all decisions and interactions with all relevant parties.

QUALITY: We commit ourselves to the continuous application of national and international high quality standards to achieve a competitive advantage to graduates.

CREATIVITY: We believe in creative thinking, renovation and development of economic and business administration concepts, principles and practices.

TEAMWORK: We are committed to the principles of teamwork and participation in planning and decision making.

INTEGRITY: We do commit ourselves to work with sincerity, honesty, loyalty, decency and professional ethics.