AACSB Accreditation

College of Business and Economics - Qassim University


During The Academic Year 2013/2014

Progress during the Academic Year 2013/2014: The academic year 2013/2014 is considered as an important year in implementing the accreditation standards and the Standards Alignment Plan. CBE is committed to sustain and improve all quality aspects in all its activities. The AACSB Office started this work since day one through the following activities:

Organizing Faculty Members Orientation Program for full two days. The program covered:

  • Dean’s welcome message and speech about CBE’s future directions.
  • Expectations about Intellectual contributions.
  • Strategic Plan: progress and implementation.
  • Quality and Accreditation challenges.
  • Students Advising (Academic and Career Advising).
  • AACSB 2013 Accreditation Standards: an overview.
  • AoL Implementation and continuous improvements.
  • Faculty Members Evaluation.

Announcingnew approved policies and procedures that help achieving the quality target in the CBE:

  • Course Coordination and Syllabi: organizing and maintaining consistency
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Curriculum Committee: policies and procedures.
  • Contacting Hours policy.
  • First and Last Day policy.
  • Academic Advising policy and procedures.
  • Career Advising policy and procedures.
  • Faculty Members Evaluation policy and procedures.