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Accounting Department [ Overview ]

Department of Accounting offers one major in accounting.

The accounting program prepares its graduates for professional careers in public, corporate, and governmental accounting, and for advanced graduate study in accounting. The program provides the background necessary in areas of accounting such as financial reporting, auditing, Zakat and taxation, cost accounting, managerial accounting, accounting information systems, governmental accounting, and international accounting.

Recently, the department offers bachelor's degree. In line with the policy of the College of Business and Economics, the accounting department is seeking for the continuity of the development plan of study that meet the objectives of the College in general and the objectives of the department, in particular , taking into account the use of modern technology in teaching, working to develop competencies and skills development of current faculty members, and strive always to attract distinguished faculty members in the light of global developments .

At its most fundamental, accounting is the development and communication of the financial and operational information necessary for management decisions in both the private and public sectors. Every institution around the globe – corporate/for-profit, government and nonprofit – must maintain accurate financial records. Indeed, Accounting is considered to be one of the most sought after careers, and the demand for accountant jobs is always high.



As the Chair, and on behave of my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to the website of the Accounting Department at Qassim University's College of Business and Economics. Our primary mission is to advance scholarship through high quality accounting research and to deliver an outstanding education that challenges students intellectually and prepares them to be successful business professionals. Our secondary mission is to provide service to the university and academic and professional communities. Together—students, faculty and staff—we strive to create and maintain an academic environment that exemplifies excellence in teaching, scholarship, and ethical behavior.

After reviewing the information about our degree programs, you should have a clear understanding of what is required to earn the degree and how that degree will help you advance to a successful career. We encourage you to examine the rest of the information and resources available on our web pages.

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Department Chair: Dr. Ahmad Al Salman

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Our faculty members are qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students. Their research activities are tailored to meeting the needs of practitioners (contribution to practice). Additionally, our faculty members publish in the instructional (learning and pedagogical) arena. Faculty List