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Economics and Finance Department [ Overview ]

Department of Economics and Finance offers two majors in Economics & Finance.

The Department of Economics and Finance comprises two specialties: economics on the one hand and finance on the other. The economics specialization aims at equipping students with necessary tools for economic analysis along with intensive applications of the use of computers in analyzing economic concepts.

In all the subjects taught in the economics specialization, students get a broad background of economic knowledge that qualifies them to work as economic analysts or researchers or to proceed to more advanced studies or graduate programs. As for the finance specialization, this aims at introducing students to the nature and work of the financial system which is made up of a group of markets, institutions, financial instruments, investors and individuals who deal with each other in those markets. In this respect, students study the modern methods of direct and indirect finance, their instruments, markets and various institutions, which means an in-depth analysis of the internal and external finance functions, international finance and financial planning. To this will also be added an in –depth study of financial markets and the financial analysis of financial securities and foreign currency in financial markets, companies, institutions and different services. The department prepares students here to work as investment analysts, financial analysts, or investment funds managers. It also prepares them for graduate studies in finance and related fields.



Welcome to the web site of the Department of Economics and Finance. The department gives a high priority to any work directly aimed at serving student interests. This involves all activities that may help students achieve their learning objectives at the college. Indeed I take great pleasure in introducing this website for the Department of Economics and Finance and I urge all the students of the department to get acquainted with the site and make use of its contents as this will help the college in its work and enable it to answer many of the questions that students, particularly new ones, might ask. This site contains basic information about the department of economics and finance including the department's vision, mission, research and educational objectives as well as its community services. It also includes a description of program study plans, program courses and the identities of teaching staff members in the program along with their contact addresses for further communication and cooperation. I hope this will be sufficient for the college students to find the information they need to know about the department and its programs. We also hope that the students will feel free to make their observations, be they general or specific, and communicate them to the department through this electronic site.

May Allah guide and bless you all …


Department Chair: Dr. Fahad Al-Mhiemied

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Our faculty members are qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students. Their research activities are tailored to meeting the needs of practitioners (contribution to practice). Additionally, our faculty members publish in the instructional (learning and pedagogical) arena. Faculty List