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M. I. S. and P. M. [ Overview ]

Offers two majors in Management information Systems And Production Management.

Management Information Systems (MIS) combines information technology and management to build information systems, which help organizations in decision-making process.


The increase of the local requirements in the market of management information system specialists motivated the college of Business and Economics to found a new department that satisfies the market needs. The MIS specialty focuses on analyzing, designing, implementing, and using the principle of the computerized information systems in the business environment.


The students of MIS are qualified for the following job titles: Information System Analyst, Information System Designer, Director of Information Center, MIS Consultant, Director of Information Services, and Database Administrator.





Welcome to the website of the Department of Management Information Systems at the Qassim University.


The department has been established to meet the growing demand in the field of management information systems. If you are a prospective or current student, we would like you to be part of our journey in excellence. The MIS program is designed to provide you with a high quality education. It is a career path full of opportunities and rewards.


Therefore, take your time to go through our website to be familiar with our program. We are here to help you as you pursue your career and personal goals, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Department Chair: Dr. Ajlan AlAjlan

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Our faculty members are qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students. Their research activities are tailored to meeting the needs of practitioners (contribution to practice). Additionally, our faculty members publish in the instructional (learning and pedagogical) arena.Faculty List