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Business Administration Department [ Overview ]

Offers two majors in Management and Marketing.

Since it inception in 1982, The Department of Business Administration. The Department is keen on updating study plans to address the issues of marketing and management in different cultural economical contexts. The department was established with one track:

Management. However, the evolution of local market and fairly recent developments in the field of Business Administration pushed for introduction of the second track of marketing in 2000, As the Department offers programs in Management and Marketing.


Soon after, Our programs intend to equip students with management and marketing knowledge and skills necessary for the development of their intellectual and practical capabilities in order to serve their future career opportunities in both domestic and international settings. The department also seeks to enrich knowledge through the conduct of field research, seminars, and workshops that serves the business community and knowledge seeking individuals in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad .



As chair of the Department of Business administration at Qassim University’s College of Economics and Business Administration , and in behalf of my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to our department. I hope our homepage will have useful information and links both for prospective students and those already enrolled. We believe that there is a significant market for our bachelor degrees in Marketing and Management among all types of Businesses: and the initial indications are that this is indeed the case. Since its inception few years ago, our management program , for example, is becoming one of the fastest growing programs in terms of students and faculty across the University.


Our graduate programs continues to grow as well; as we are expecting the only stand-alone EMBA to be launched soon as a private Parallel of our existing MBA program.. We pride ourselves on having a collegial, open door environment where student development is a primary focus. We believe that students are our number one priority. Therefore, we are striving to change external perceptions by attracting outstanding faculty, staff, students and facilities to achieve an academic Excellency of developing our students in their education and training. Finally, and as you are roaming the pages of our site, should you need further information on our programs, want advice on course selection, have questions or want to come for a visit, please feel free to drop in, or contact me or any of our faculty members by phone, or by e-mail as we value your input .

Department Chair: Dr. Bader Al-Mohaimmeed

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Our faculty members are qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students. Their research activities are tailored to meeting the needs of practitioners (contribution to practice). Additionally, our faculty members publish in the instructional (learning and pedagogical) arena. Faculty List