The Events

College of Business and Economics - Qassim University




MEDES The International ACM Conference

on Management of Emergent Digital Ecosystems (MEDES'14)

Buraidah Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia

from September 15th till September 17th 2014



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Entrepreneurship Forum

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Finance and Mortgage Symposium

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(IFRS) Conference - Challenges & Opportunities

Will take place in Qassim of Saudi Arabia on 1st – 2nd May 2012. This event is organized by the College of Business & Economics - Qassim University. Over two days panelists will endeavor to discuss the following specific sub-themes: the ways and means on how to adopt IFRS, the effective implementation of IFRS, debate the importance of adopting IFRS practices in today’s fragile business environment. The conference is aimed at drawing the attention of academics, practitioners and government officials of the importance of IFRS in obtaining high quality financial reporting. GO to website