Business Administration

Economics & Finance

M. I. S. and P. M.


Our faculty members are highly qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students

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We invite applications from qualified and committed faculty members with rich experience in academics and research in all areas of business education. we offer excellent remuneration and benefits, commensurate to the qualification and experience, as per the norms of Qassim University. Interested candidates may apply using this link

The College's Student Club offer some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of your student experience. This Student Club represents students' interests and concerns. Its Executive Committee is elected annually by the students themselves. It has direct involvement with the Dean of the College and the Deanship..[+]

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The College of Business and Economics contributes to the society by developing graduates with latest business knowledge and skills, and encouraging the faculty to make significant intellectual contributions.


Here at the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR), we strive to strengthen the relationship between the college and its graduates on one hand. On the other hand, we work very hard to link graduates between themselves. Moreover, CBE graduates classes span over three decades and, therefore, OAR making every effort to facilitate everything that would empower our graduates.


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CBE is pleased to offer you an excellent opportunity to get insights into Case based Teaching, and also into developing cases on your own.

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