Career Advising & Development Unit

College of Business and Economics - Qassim University


Career Advising & Development Unit



The Career Unit at CBE aims to provide career guidance to the students and provides necessary resources to them to help them in shaping their career at an early stage. The Career Unit relies on the principle of ‘active engagement’ with prospective employers, industry experts, faculty and alumni to create a nurturing environment for the young professionals aspiring to embark upon their careers.

The main objectives of the Career Center are:

• To help the students to understand their aptitude and inclination in order to select a proper career.
• To provide guidance to CBE students for realizing their career aspirations.
• To help CBE students to develop their skills and abilities.
• To help CBE students for preparing for the job opportunities.
• To help CBE students in having a thought for continuous development in their career.


Level Knowledge and skills Proposed coverage
Preparatory Math, Statistics, University skills Nil

Level 1, 2, 3

Requirement of University : 15 Credit Hour
Arabic, Islamic studies.

CBE College : 54 Credit Hour
Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Maths (1,2), Statistics (1,2) , Micro and Macro Economics, Principles of Finances, Financial and managerial Accounting, Technology (1,2), Organizational Behavior, Islamic studies, Business Communication.

Career advising:

guidance for selection of majors , Lectures by Industry experts

Level 4, 5, 6

Departmental courses: : 24 Credit Hours
Business Administration, Accounting, Finance & Economics, Production & MIS
For example, Marketing Management.

Career advising: (career choices), Lectures by Industry experts, Summer internships, Volunteering opportunities.

Level 7, 8

Major courses : 36 Credit Hours
For example, Human Resource Management.

Career Advising:
CV writing, Interview preparation, Career fairs, Guidance on Professional certificates and training programs


Vision of Career Advising

To be a role model for Career Centers of Academic Institutions in KSA.

Mission of Career Advising

To help CBE students to choose appropriate career path and acquire the latest knowledge and skills for building a successful career in Business.




The following institutions are the main patrons of the Leadership Center

CBE at Qassim University
Qassim Chamber of Commerce
Unayzah Chamber of Commerce
Council of Saudi Chamber



The Head of Career Center will report to the Dean of CBE. He will be supported by administrative staff and faculty members who will act as domain experts in the counseling activities of the centre. The organization structure is depicted below: